PUMA 10 ATEX 1/3D CERTIFIED for a Turkish company involved in the collection of explosive dust during an automatic working process.

This unit has been designed to work in extremely dangerous applications. It is rated ATEX Z20/Z22. That means that the unit is certified to work in an ATEX Z22 area, but the inner part of the unit is certified Z20. This certification is made by a third party (TUV NORD).

On this Depureco unit, a Hoerbiger flameless venting system is installed. This explosion-proof device has to be installed on an empty section of the filtration chamber, with no contact with the filters, and in order to work in the proper way, the valve position has to be routed on a safety area, far from the operator. The venting valve is designed to avoid any explosion in the working area. It works without emitting flames, and it just let a little amount of smoke escape.

Here more details:

  • 7,5 kW SIEMENS Side channel blower ATEX CERTIFIED
  • Automatic reverse jet cleaning system to keep the filters always clean during the production
  • Explosion flameless valve to be used indoor with IIIB dust
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel Bin 175 Lt capacity

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