Centralized vacuum system for welding fumes | Case Study

In a metalworking setting where welding torches are utilized, the creation of welding fumes poses a considerable hazard. These fumes carry dangerous substances and heavy metals that, when breathed in, can result in respiratory issues and other health complications.

Installing a centralized welding fume extraction system is vital for protecting the welfare of workers. These systems efficiently nab and eliminate perilous fumes from various sources at once.

Advantages of maintaining a metalworking industry free from welding fumes

When companies invest in welding fume extractors, they not only comply with safety regulations but also demonstrate a firm commitment to providing a safe and secure work environment for their employees.

A welding fume extraction system:

  • Boosts worker safety;
  • Enables industries to meet regulations;
  • Enhances air quality.

Welding Fume Central Vacuum System: Our Case Study

Our client, a metalworking industry based in Italy, required a solution to gather welding fumes from numerous welding stations simultaneously, utilizing a single extraction unit. They chose a centralized vacuum system to guarantee superior air quality in the welding zone.


  • Two pipelines, one on each side of the area, totaling over 984 feet in length.
  • Each pipeline is equipped with multiple suction inlets, totaling 7, to easily access every welding station and cover the entire working area.
  • Up to 3 suction points can be utilized simultaneously for direct extraction from magnetic hoods or welding torches.
  • The vacuum cleaner incorporates an integrated cleaning system within the pipes, performing automatic cleaning cycles at the end of each operation by strategically opening shutters.
  • Additionally, a 4.0 control panel is included, facilitating the transmission of the system’s operational data to the company’s ERP for subsequent analysis.

Puma Fix 10 - Vacuum Unit

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* Powerful 8.7 HP side channel blower * Included relief valve, to avoid potentially dangerous overpressures * 4 large surface cylindrical cartridges, classified as M Class. * SP automatic filter cleaning system * 46 gal collection bin with a metal handle and 4 pivoting wheels * Tangential inlet

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