Depureco’s industrial dust collectors offer a combination of power, compactness, and mobility, allowing for easy transportation between different work areas. This versatile range of dust collectors excels at vacuuming suspended, fine, and challenging dust particles, as well as aluminum shavings, fumes, and oily vapors. To handle applications with significant amounts of fine dust, Depureco’s industrial dust collectors come equipped with a manual or automatic filter cleaning system. These vacuum cleaners in the industrial dust collector line feature M-category star or cartridge filters with a filtration efficiency down to 1 micron, and they also offer the option of an additional Hepa filter.


The industrial dust collectors offer maximum air flow, providing efficient and adjustable localized suction. Their mobile and lightweight design makes them perfect for versatile use in various environments, allowing quick relocation from one area to another to adapt to changing working conditions.


Engineered specifically for rapid chip removal during the machining process, these chip vacuum cleaners swiftly eliminate chips of varying sizes. By being integrated directly into the production process, they contribute to upholding a clean and safe work environment, thereby enhancing productivity, safety, and the overall quality of the finished product.

dust collector with articulated arm

Very high air flow rate for healthy working environment

Featuring a high air-drawing capacity, these vacuums effectively eliminate dust, fumes, vapors, and other airborne pollutants, thereby enhancing the quality of the air breathed by workers. This, in turn, leads to improved workplace safety and increased productivity.

Maximum filtration for maximum air purity

Compact vacuums with excellent filtration capacity, designed to effectively capture and contain fine dust, which can pose a significant health hazard to workers and even damage machinery.

certified dust collector

Suction of chips even in hazardous areas

Depureco offers vacuum cleaners that come with Atex certification and NFPA compliance, ensuring the highest level of safety, especially in environments prone to explosion hazards. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with antistatic filtration and motors designed to prevent any potential ignition risks.

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