Compressed air powered vacuum cleaners are utilized for the extraction of dust, debris, and pollutants from the air, utilizing compressed air as their energy source. These vacuum cleaners prove particularly advantageous in environments lacking electrical power or where the use of an electric motor could present an explosion risk, such as industrial settings with flammable substances. Available in various sizes and models, compressed air vacuums find application in diverse scenarios, including equipment cleaning, removal of industrial process waste, and the cleansing of expansive surfaces like bridges and building facades. Thanks to their portability and ability to adapt to different power sources, compressed air vacuums offer a flexible and versatile solution for air purification across a range of industrial and commercial settings.

pneumatic INDUSTRIAL VACUUMs for fine dust

Compact vacuums with excellent filtration capacity, designed to effectively capture and contain fine dust, which can pose a significant health hazard to workers and even damage machinery.


Introducing industrial vacuums for liquids, the powerful and efficient solution for tackling liquid spills, cleaning industrial settings, and maintaining optimal safety and cleanliness standards.

Powerful Venturi units for suction​

The distinguishing feature of Venturi suction units is their ability to achieve a perfect balance between performance and compressed air consumption, resulting in low energy usage.​

Vacuum cleaners for every use

Depureco’s construction flexibility enables us to create vacuum cleaners with air supply, offering increased flexibility, manageability, and cost-effectiveness in specific application contexts.

Pneumatic vacuums

High filtration efficiency​

Industrial vacuum cleaners are outfitted with state-of-the-art filtration systems, guaranteeing exceptional air cleanliness. With the inclusion of high-efficiency filters, these vacuum cleaners can safely remove dust and solids, ensuring that only filtered air is reintroduced into the work environment.

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