Increase productivity and maintain a clean working environment with these space-saving, high-performance vacuums built to meet the demands of industrial settings. Explore our range of compact vacuums engineered to optimize workflow and ensure optimal performance within your machinery.”

Pharmaceutical vacuums

Unparalleled air quality and contamination control for critical environments. Safeguard your pharmaceutical processes with advanced vacuums that ensure the highest level of product purity and operator safety.

vacuums for scraps collection

Efficiently collect and manage scraps with our specialized vacuum systems with very  high collection capacity and able to suck up packaging scraps.

ultra compact vacuum extractors

Modular, easy to install in narrow spaces. This is the strenght of this fully customizable units ideal for dust collection on board of machineries.

Maximum modularity, simple integration

Easily install vacuum cleaners on board machinery, even in narrow or hard-to-reach areas, thanks to ultra-compact and modular systems. Experience seamless integration with our innovative vacuum solutions, designed to fit in tight spaces without compromising performance. Simplify your setup process and ensure efficient cleaning with these versatile, space-saving vacuum systems tailored for any challenging industrial environment.

Maximum hygiene, maximum product quality

Our vacuum cleaners guarantee air purity by employing multiple stages of filtration for the dust/air suction process. With a meticulous filtration system, the air that is released from the vacuum cleaner is consistently pure, ensuring the utmost quality for your finished product. Rest assured that our advanced filtration technology provides a reliable guarantee of air purity and product excellence throughout the cleaning process.

Continuous suction, less downtime

By directly vacuuming dust, waste, and residues at the source on the machine, the likelihood of production interruptions caused by malfunctions or jams in production machinery is significantly reduced. Experience a seamless production process as our vacuuming solution tackles potential disruptions head-on, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and minimizing the risk of machinery malfunctions or blockages. Streamline your operations and maintain optimal productivity with our efficient and reliable vacuuming system.

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