Industrial Vacuum Solutions for FOUNDRIES

Foundries are firms specializing in the casting of metals. Liquid metal is poured into molds, then cooled and perfected to manufacture parts for industrial equipment, tools, items, and beyond.

Using an industrial vacuums in these environments can help you improve your production process and enhance the cleanliness of your workplace.


During metalworking operations within a foundry, substantial amounts of dust, slag, and particles are produced, posing risks to workers’ health and environmental contamination.

By employing an industrial vacuum cleaner, you can:

  • Ensure continuous cleanliness by promptly collecting spilled materials, thus minimizing waste;
  • Mitigate health hazards to workers and prevent environmental contamination;
  • Decrease plant maintenance expenses and prevent operational downtime.

Industrial Vacuum Solutions for High Temperatures

In foundries, cleaning up dust and debris at elevated temperatures is frequently required. For instance, crucibles may retain hot residue after use. To vacuum materials under high temperatures, our vacuum cleaner range includes:

  • Nomex filters;
  • Special separators, such as liquid separators;
  • Tailored accessories.


Our industrial vacuum cleaners aid in adhering to numerous regulations concerning workplace hygiene, safety, and cleanliness.


Here are the diverse applications of our industrial vacuum cleaners within foundries:

molding process

mold making area cleaning

In foundries, molds are created to shape molten metal into final products. This process starts with premium sand mixed with binders such as clay, bentonite, and resins, which offer cohesion and strength after casting. The sand is packed around a replica of the desired item. When making sand molds, an industrial vacuum cleaner is essential. It cuts down on cleaning time for models and tools, decreases dust emissions, and quickly removes sand and debris from the workspace.

vacuuming of core processing area

Cores, usually made from refractory materials such as sand or clay, are placed into molds to create internal cavities or intricate details in cast objects. During core preparation, dust and sand particles are generated, posing inhalation risks to operators. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner helps keep production areas clean, reduces the risk of cross-contamination between different sand types and materials, and improves operational efficiency, making handling and assembly processes more efficient.

core making process
destaffing process

vacuuming of destaffing area

The demolding phase in a foundry involves removing castings from sand molds after the metal has solidified and cooled. Skilled workers use specialized tools and machinery to carefully open the molds and extract the castings, aiming to prevent any damage or deformation. Demolding requires precision and attention to detail to ensure the proper extraction of parts. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner in the demolding area efficiently clears residue from both the molds and the conveyor belts where the molds are separated.

cleaning sandblasting area

During sandblasting, high-pressure jets of abrasive particles are directed at the casting to remove any remaining sand or impurities from its surface. This process ensures thorough cleaning and enhances the part’s surface finish by smoothing out burrs and irregularities. However, blasting generates residues like sand, metal scraps, and solvent compounds that can spread throughout the blasting booth. An industrial vacuum cleaner or a centralized system can efficiently remove these abrasive particles, cleaning the booth and allowing the particles to be reused after careful sieving.

metal shaving

collection and disposal of metal shavings

The finishing department is essential in ensuring castings meet quality standards. Parts go through processes like grinding, honing, cutting, and threading to achieve the desired shape, size, and surface finish. Our three-phase vacuum cleaners continuously collect metal chips without halting the production cycle, ensuring they are properly disposed of.

general cleaning

Accelerating cleaning processes in foundries is crucial for maintaining efficient and safe work environments. Using a single-phase vacuum cleaner, excellent results can be achieved quickly. The power of these vacuum cleaners easily removes iron dust, sand, and cast iron particles produced during casting. Our single-phase Wet&Dry vacuum cleaners are perfect for this task, capable of vacuuming both solid materials and liquids that accumulate on the floor.

general cleaning

Industrial vacuum cleaners and centralized vacuum systems for foundries

To ensure safe operations in a foundry, efficient vacuum solutions are essential. Our extensive range includes heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners designed to handle large volumes of sand, dust, and heavy chips. Equipped with high-efficiency filters, our vacuum solutions minimize contamination and reduce operators’ exposure to harmful substances.

For a foundry, choose heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners with these key features:

  • Durability and reliability: Machines designed for heavy use that resist the dust and particulates common in foundries.
  • High suction power: Capable of handling the large amounts of waste materials generated in these environments.
  • Excellent filtration levels and easy filter cleaning: Featuring M-class filters for dust down to one micron, with options for secondary filters and automatic cleaning systems.
  • Ease of inspection, maintenance, and cleaning: Designed for easy container emptying, with accessible filters and internal components for regular replacement and cleaning, ensuring longer life.

With our customized industrial vacuum solutions for foundries, you can enhance safety in heavy industries and reduce maintenance costs.

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