The hazard of silica dust is a serious issue, as it is the most common danger when exposed to dust. Many activities that create dust can lead to the inhalation of airborne silica.

The best and most efficient way to handle this problem is by using a proper vacuum, as it is advised by occupational safety entities in every European country.

What is silica dust?

Silica dust is a material that is naturally released into the atmosphere as very fine dust when working with specific types of:

  soil  •  engineered stone  •  rock  •  sand  •  concrete  •  ceramic tile  •  brick

and other materials.

Why is it harmful?

As it is so thin that can penetrate inside the pulmonary alveoli without even knowing you are breathing it. If adequate protections are not used, inhalation of silica dust can lead to a high chance to contract major pathologies such as lung cancer, silicosis, and many other severe health problems.

Activities at risk

Every activity involving the use of tools to polish, cut, or crush hazardous materials, and any other type of process that manipulates materials that contain silicate dust, is potentially dangerous and has to be managed with the necessary safety measures.

How to prevent it?

There are various measures that must be implemented to ensure the safety of the people present in the place at risk:

•  Respiratory and protective equipment (RPE and PPE) •  Instructions and signs •  Proper ventilation

But the most significant way to ensure safety is to get rid of the dust.

The most effective way to do that is by the removal of dust at its source. In order to achieve this, you need to attach a vacuum to the tool being used in the workplace.

The perfect vacuum

You need a vacuum with specific features if you want to work efficiently and safely, and we offer all of them, and even more…

M and HEPA Filter

The filter is the most important thing when it comes to collecting fine dust. That’s why Depureco provides vacuums with the most efficient filters available:

 Class M Filter: standard class for medium-risk powder

 HEPA 14 filter: 99.995% efficiency at 0.19 micron

Avoid contact with the material

Another essential thing is to be sure to avoid any possible contact with material when handling it, we provide this feature with the technology of Longopac®

No contact with the material

Safer for the worker

Ease handling and storing

20 meters continuous bag

The bag is rolled up at the bottom of the filter chamber. When the vacuum cleaner is stopped, the material falls automatically into the bag. The operator can seal it, cut it at any needed length and store it away safely and easily, avoiding any possible contact with the dust.

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