Introducing the Formidable New Ram 280! Discover it at BOOMBASTIC!

FREE TICKET Experience the spectacular debut of the New RAM 280 MP at BOOMBASTIC OPEN HOUSE, hosted at TITANS OF CNC Headquarters, May 2nd and 3rd 2024. This is a free event you don’t want to miss! You’ll have the opportunity to test the new RAM 280 MP and explore the multitude of upgrades we’ve implemented […]

Case Study: Automatic Installation for Multi-deck ovens

Automatic Vacuum Cleaning System for Multi-deck Ovens: our Case Study Industrial bakeries face strict quality standards to ensure their products meet excellence. Maintaining cleanliness is mandatory in food processing. Employing an industrial vacuum cleaner for ovens enables the simple removal of crumbs, baking residues, and burnt flour, safeguarding against contamination and preserving product quality. Multi-deck […]

Vacuum solutions for briquetting presses: Case Study

PROBLEM Our client needed to vacuum metal chips directly from CNC machinery to automatically load their briquetting machines. The briquetting machine compresses metal waste using high pressure into briquettes. It’s typically used to reduce storage costs and streamline recycling operations. SOLUTION Metal chips are collected inside the CNC machinery and then conveyed through a pipeline […]

Protecting Against Fine Dust with HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR XM 35 JC Longopac

XM 35 LP HEPA 14

Shield yourself against hazardous materials like silica dust with our powerhouse – HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR XM 35 JC Longopac!
Its dual filtration system, featuring the Conical Polyester Cartridge M CLASS as the primary filter and the Standard H 14 HEPA Filter 3410 in², alongside the added advantage of dual bypass motors, guarantees superior safety and efficiency in industrial spaces.

World of Concrete 2024: visit us and discover our dust extractors

WOC 2024

Join Us at the Ultimate Concrete Industry International Tradeshow The 50th edition of the World of Concrete is just around the corner, and Depureco is thrilled to announce its participation! Here’s everything you need to know. Key Details Let’s meet at BOOTH S13047 Come and visit us at Booth S13047 where we’ll be ready to […]

Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Cement Plants and Cement Powder

cement map

Optimized efficiency, safety, and well-being when working with hazardous powders. In cement production processes, substantial amounts of fine and hazardous dust are generated at every stage. This poses significant risks to the health of operators and the overall efficiency and safety of the working environment. Dust accumulates on various surfaces within the plant, such as […]


Shop Vacuums vs. Industrial Vacuums: Decoding the Ideal Cleaning Companion In the realm of cleanliness and maintenance, the choice of a vacuum is far from trivial—it can significantly impact the efficiency, hygiene, and overall efficacy of your cleaning endeavors. Within the vacuum landscape, two distinct categories, shop vacuums and industrial vacuums, take the spotlight. Each […]


SAVE THE DATE! COME VISIT US AT BOOTH 244 Depureco USA is proud to announce that this year it will participate in the 2023 edition of WIMTS: an important event for the metal working world. On our booth you will be able to find our Best Seller, the Depureco RAM 280 MP. The best sump […]

Explosion-proof industrial vacuums for Lead and Gunpowder Cleaning in Shooting Ranges

Lead and gunpowder residuals in firing ranges shooting ranges can pose significant health and safety risks due to their potential explosivity. Lead exposure can result in serious health issues, the accumulation of gunpowder in the shooting range can result in an explosion if proper safety measures are not taken. The residuals accumulate in many spots […]

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