Explosion-proof industrial vacuums for Lead and Gunpowder Cleaning in Shooting Ranges

Lead and gunpowder residuals in firing ranges shooting ranges can pose significant health and safety risks due to their potential explosivity. Lead exposure can result in serious health issues, the accumulation of gunpowder in the shooting range can result in an explosion if proper safety measures are not taken. The residuals accumulate in many spots through the building, requiring to be constantly cleaned in order to guarantee maximum safety for workers and customers: 

  • Floor and lanes
  • Ports
  • Expansion joints
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Bullet traps
  • Overhead rails

How to Perform Indoor Shooting range Cleaning

In order to ensure the safety of shooting range employees and users, it’s crucial to properly clean the facilities regularly on a daily basis and with certified equipment. Traditional cleaning methods, such as sweeping and manual dusting, can be hazardous since it can result in the release of lead and gunpowder particles into the air. Governments always recommend that ranges use Explosion-proof certified equipment with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to safely remove and retain lead particles.

Atex certified industrial vacuum: The Safest Solution to Lead and Gunpowder Removal

Easier, safer and faster, an Atex industrial vacuum cleaner represent the best solution for cleaning lead and gunpowder in shooting ranges. The Atex certification ensures the safe removal of all lead and gunpowder residuals, collecting them into safe equipment and without reintroducing them into the environment.

The main features to be considered when choosing the best Vacuum Cleaner for your firing range are:

  • Multiple stages of filtration with high efficiency HEPA filters that capture lead and gunpowder particles
  • Containment of extracted particles in a safe storage area located in the vacuum system
  • Antistatic components and accessories
  • Robust and durable design for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Safety certifications and compliance with State/Government regulations
  • High suction performance for efficient cleaning
  • A variety of attachments to reach all areas of the shooting range

Depureco range of Atex certified vacuum cleaners

Depureco developed a full certified range to fullflill all the safety requirements for fire range cleaning, all equipped with:

  • 3D Atex certified range of industrial vacuums
  • specific range with Atex 1D certification inside the vacuum
  • Class M antistatic filtration
  • Hepa H14 secondary filter
  • Full grounding of the unit
  • Specific accessory kits for :
    • Floor cleaning
    • Overhead cleaning
    • Safe cleaning of combustible dust

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