Industrial Vacuums for machining operations


Machining is an essential process in the manufacturing industry, used to achieve precisely shaped, sized, and finished metal components. Metal shavings and debris are produced and can rapidly build up in the workspace, endangering worker safety and compromising the cleanliness of the work environment.

Why use an industrial vacuum during machining operations?

Vacuuming chips, metal dust, and used lubricants and cutting oils is crucial because it:

  • Keeps the work environment clean;
  • Enhances operator safety;
  • Optimizes machine tool efficiency.

Removing machining by-products prevents machinery clutter and blockages, lowering the risk of accidents and injuries from sharp, slippery debris. Depureco industrial vacuums are specifically designed to remove metal chips efficienlty, capture even the finest and most volatile particles, and reclaim lubricating and cutting oils. We provide a diverse range of products, designed for numerous mechanical processes. Here are a few examples.


cnc turning

cnc turning

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning is an advanced and accurate machining process that enables the production of cylindrical, conical, and intricate components. This material removal process generates a significant amount of chips and metal dust. Utilizing an industrial vacuum to manage these by-products ensures a tidy work environment and a superior quality finished product. Our TX vacuum cleaners provide excellent extraction of both dry and wet chips.


Metal molding is a prevalent process across multiple industrial sectors. This process produces chips, fragments, metal powders, and residues from lubricating oils used to minimize friction between the metal and the mold. Efficient management of these by-products is crucial to maintaining production efficiency and safety. Our M 100 industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to effectively suction chips generated during the molding process.

metal molding

Sanding and polishing

Sanding and polishing machines smooth and roughen hard surfaces, including wood, plastic, metals, and stone. Industrial dust collectors are extremely effective for capturing dust directly at the source, preventing it from settling on machinery and contributing to air pollution. Depureco dust collectors, such as the DF 22, are powerful, compact, and mobile, designed for easy transport between work areas. They feature M-class filters (with filtration efficiency up to 1 micron), star or cartridge filters, and an optional HEPA filter. These units can be connected to an extraction arm or localized extraction hoods during the production process.

metal drawing

Drawing is a machining process used to reduce the cross-section of a wire, bar, or tube by pulling it through a drawing die. To maintain a clean work area during this process, it’s essential to use an appropriate vacuum cleaner to collect chips and metal dust, such as our TXs. Featuring a side channel turbine, they are perfect for continuously vacuuming dust, solids, and metal chips mixed with liquid.

metal drawing
metal lamination

metal lamination

Lamination produces various waste products, including metal powders, chips, vapors, and gases. To mitigate the risks associated with an unhealthy work environment, it’s recommended to use industrial vacuum cleaners with high power, capable of continuous operation without frequent maintenance, and adaptable to the specific needs of each workshop. Our three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners offer high suction power, are highly customizable, and help maintain workplace cleanliness while preventing machinery wear.


Industrial vacuuming is essential for keeping the tumbling area consistently free from chips, dust, and residues. Depending on specific workplace needs, compact and maneuverable vacuum cleaners from our single-phase line can be used, or for greater suction power and higher collection capacity, three-phase models are recommended. Our industrial vacuum cleaners come with various filters, including M and H filters, to meet the specific requirements of each application.



During welding operations, special care is necessary due to the by-products that can pose risks to operator health and safety and affect work efficiency. Among our offerings are industrial vacuums designed for extracting welding fumes and dust, including vacuum cleaners for MIG-MAG welding torches, which ensure effective extraction directly at the source, and vacuum cleaners for TIG welders.


The grinding process achieves precise finishes and accurate dimensions on metal parts through abrasion. This operation generates fine dust and metal chips, which can be hazardous to worker health and safety if not promptly removed. Additionally, the use of cutting oils and coolants is essential for the proper functioning of a grinder. With our sump vacuums, you can:

  • Filter and recover or properly dispose of oils;
  • Clean the work area of metal shavings;
  • Reduce machinery maintenance and downtime.
cold working

cold working

In cold working processes, metal materials are shaped without using heat. The volume of metal chips produced in this process is substantial and requires efficient handling to prevent workplace accidents and maintain machinery performance. Our M100 model is a robust machine equipped with three single-phase motors, designed to effectively vacuum large quantities of dry and wet chips, featuring a 26 gal capacity.

vacuum solutions for machining operations

To ensure safe mechanical operations and achieve high-quality finished products, utilizing specialized industrial vacuum cleaners tailored for metalworking applications is crucial. Our extensive lineup includes machines adept at handling substantial volumes of both dry and wet chips while efficiently separating lubricating oils.

In the metalworking sector, enhancing production processes and maintaining workplace safety is enhanced by utilizing vacuum systems offering:

  • Ample collection capacity
  • Grated basket for easy oil and chip separation, if required
  • Customizable centralized vacuum systems tailored to specific needs.

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